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How Can We Help?

Prayer Ministry and One-on-one Support

Spend time with Brooks one-on-one and encounter the power of God’s love and truth of the Holy Spirit as he prays with you and disciples you through life’s battles. Prayer ministry can offer healing, freedom, forgiveness, and encouragement.

Group Bible Studies and Gatherings

Join a safe community where you can learn, reflect, and discuss God’s Word together.

Meet Brooks - Military Veteran Founder and Director

In May of 2019 I was forced to retire from the military because of PTSD and mental health. I was down because I just lost the biggest brotherhood in the world. 

What I wasn’t aware of at that time was I was on the verge of making the biggest decision of my life that would alter the belief system and crush the lie that had been at work in my life from a very young age, the lie that family was not a place to call home and that I wasn’t worthy of a Father’s love.

 At the age of 36 I had an encounter with the Father’s heart and it was all because a few people decided that I was worth the risk and chose to speak truth into my life. I chose to step into His embrace. I was no longer an orphan but a son, adopted into the biggest kingdom family in the world. 

So shortly after I stepped out of a brotherhood that had provided for me all my adult life but had also left me full of guilt and shame God stepped in and offered me a place in His family where I was accepted and loved. 

They saw in me what the Father saw in me, a son worthy of the Father’s love and someone who was ready and willing to go and share this love with all who would listen. I had experienced the heart of the Father when Dr. Mike prayed for me the very first time.

 As he was praying Jesus walked up and stood next to Dr Mike. I began to weep, Jesus grabbed me as you do a loved one that you haven’t seen in years. 

He wrapped me up in His arms and placed my head on His chest. I felt His heartbeat as He held me close. Jesus then whispers to me, “you are my son and I love you with all my heart. 

Now share my love with others and let them know I am real!” I went from a lost soul, an orphan, a soldier who had lost his army, to a beloved son, accepted and received into the army of the living God.


19 years of Military Service

Brooks is a retired military vet.

counseling/ Prayer Ministry

Brook's is dedicated to sharing God's freedom through counseling and prayer.

2 years of ministry School

Brooks has dedicated time to studying and learning how to minister.

2024: We are in Phase 1


Phase One

- Build Barn - 30x70 Barn details- insulation finished, working on interior walls now then moving onto electric. Spring time planning on doing epoxy floor coating
- Phase 2 and 3 are dependent upon this being completed
` - Counseling, chaplain, speaking and teaching opportunities, churches and groups, evangelism, deliverance ministry


Phase Two

- The completion of the barn allows us to move to the next stage of ministry
- Host events at barn
- Weekly and monthly group meetings, annual gatherings
- one on one counseling
- Workshops
- Launch or Kick off event for the ministry


Phase Three

- Build cabins for the ministry
-short term stays for military veterans and first responders
- daily one on one discipleship and counseling
- daily fellowship meals
-build pavilion that has been donated
-Homestead expansion
-Equip the Barn with garage and shop Equipment


What Veterans Have to Say about Brooks